Understanding the Modern Sprinkler System

Understanding the Modern Sprinkler System

Keeping the lawn green has been a part of home maintenance for many years. Luckily, we have developed a modern sprinkler system which makes this job easier. In this article, we are going to review some of the different components of the sprinkler system.

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One of the parts of a sprinkler system is the backflow preventer. This is the part of the system that allows water into the pipes. It is usually connected to some kind of timer that allows the owner to choose when they would like it activated. It is important because it will stop the flow of water when the process is complete. Without this part, the water would flow endlessly.

Connected to the backflow preventer is tubes or pipes. These structures are usually hidden underground and they carry water to the different sprinkler heads. When you are designing your sprinkler system you will choose where each sprinkler head is located. When turned on, the pipes will bring water to the sprinkler head to water the grass.

All in all, sprinkler systems can be complicated to understand. If you are looking to get one installed on your property, search online for sprinkler companies in your area.


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