Wedding Rentals Help Keep Down the Cost of Paying for Nuptials

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Getting married isn’t cheap, with the average combined cost of a wedding ceremony and reception around $40,000. That’s a year’s salary for many people. Because of the high cost of nuptials, it’s important to look for ways to reduce costs. You aren’t going to skimp on the bridal dress or the food, but you can keep your costs down by using wedding rentals for some of your items.

There are a number of items you might rent for your wedding ceremony, depending on where you are hosting it and whether it is a large or small gathering. For example, if you are having an intimate event in your backyard or in a park, you may need wedding tent rentals, wedding linen rentals and a dance floor rental. It also makes sense to rent tables, chairs and other items from the same company. If you are renting a banquet or reception space, you may want to rent things such as centerpieces so you don’t have to go to the expense of buying them or put in the time to make them.

Weddings aren’t the only events for which you might want to rent items. Graduation parties, bar or bat mitzvahs, sweet sixteen parties and anniversaries are all examples of occasions where you may want to rent items for your celebration.

Another thing that you might need to rent for your wedding or party is bathroom facilities. A porta potty or portable restroom trailer is a necessity if you are having your event somewhere where there aren’t bathroom facilities, such as a farm field, but they also can come in handy as a supplement to existing bathroom facilities. If you are hosting 50 people in your backyard for a wedding, for example, you may not want them all traipsing through your house to use your bathrooms. Having portable toilet facilities can ensure that isn’t an issue.

Wedding rentals of some items just make sense. Not only can rentals save you money in many cases by alleviating the need to buy something you won’t use again, such rentals also can save you considerable time that you can devote to other areas of the wedding celebration.

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