What All College Students Need to Know About Off Campus Housing Options

When it comes to finding real estate for students, it can be beneficial to ditch the dorm rooms and seek off campus housing options. While you may think living in a dorm room can offer you the full college experience, it can actually turn out to be an expensive hassle that you’d be better off without.

The Benefits of Real Estate for Students

Near most major colleges there will be apartments that specifically cater to students attending university. These options are often lower in cost and can offer you a freedom that dorm rooms cannot.

  • Off campus student housing can be more affordable in the long run than living in a dorm room. In a dorm you may have to purchase meal tickets, pay for parking, and other basic services that an apartment can offer for much less. Most apartments come with parking space, and washers and dryers that are lower priced, or not priced at all. Additionally, you are free to cook whatever you want, whenever you want.
  • Not having a wait list is also a bonus. Many dormitories have wait lists that can be staggeringly long, and you won’t know until the last minute if you’ve been accepted and where exactly you’ve been placed. Additionally, you could lose your spot at anytime with little or no warning. Apartments for students will usually offer deals if you are going to the university nearby, and since you will have a signed lease, you won’t have to worry or wonder if you spot is temporary, or if you will be moved last minute.
  • Another major plus is that you won’t have a set curfew. Many dorms have times alloted where students must be back in the building. Having an apartment gives you the freedom to come and go as you please, without worrying about being locked out after a certain time, or facing disciplinary actions from being out after the curfew.
  • Having your own apartment also means you can have whatever you want, and whoever you want in it. Many dorms have stipulations against what students can have in their rooms. Additionally, there may be rules in place that prevent overnight guests, or noise levels. In an apartment you can host whoever you want, and won’t have to worry about staying quiet after a certain time. (Of course do be mindful of blasting Metallica at 2am, other tenets maynot be too fond of that either.)
  • Having your own apartment also offers you time away from school. If you want to just relax without having frat boys running around on weekends, your own place can offer that. Even if you live with a roommate, you can still have some time away from school, which can go a long way to reducing stress levels, and helping you get the most out of your time there.

Real estate for students is an option everyone heading off to college, or already at college should consider. These buildings that cater specifically to students can be a more affordable option that also gives you the freedom you need to become a responsible adult. Having your own place offers many benefits, but can also teach many lessons about how to live on your own. If you can look into options around your school and see if this would work best for you and your finances. It can definitely be a move for the best.

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