What Do A Safe Walking Experience And An Energy-Efficient HVAC System Have In Common?

Energy efficiency is important to everyone buying a home. Homeowners recognize that energy costs make up a huge part of the overall cost of owning a home, and energy efficiency makes the difference between a home that almost takes care of itself and a house that is constantly eating money.

The quality and age of the HVAC system is the largest determining factor when it comes to the overall energy costs of running a home. Heating and cooling make up 47% of the energy costs a home incurs annually, on average, according to VisualCapitalist.

Keeping your HVAC system up to date is the most important part of maintaining an energy-efficient home.

There are many different components of an HVAC system, so if you have a problem with your HVAC condenser pad, a central air conditioner with gas heat, or even partial air conditioning – you may need to ask about an HVAC technician, because you may need a new heating and cooling unit.

Scheduling regular maintenance and performing repairs earlier rather than later can result in significant energy savings and a reduction in your carbon footprint as well.

Buy new home

Let’s be real here. Searching for homes can be a daunting process. There seem to be a million homes for sale at any given point in time, which should make things easier…but that’s before you factor in location, costs, moving expenditures, job transitions and even where your kids are going to play during the weekend. How can you make the housing experience less stressful while still putting in the required work to make it work? Whether you’re a new home buyer or an experienced veteran, there’s a community just waiting for you somewhere out there.

All you have to do is get yourself back to the basics to steer you in the right path.

We can start off this simple list with the state of the industry. Although it may seem like buying homes is a relic of the past, it couldn’t be further from the truth. A survey by Zillow saw over 80% of homebuyers actively looking for single-family homes rather than apartments. This isn’t just limited to the Baby Boomer market, either. A similar study saw around 24% of Millennials wanting to invest in townhouses.

What’s the appeal of a home? Let’s start from the top. There’s the sense of pride that comes with ownership, something that can be more difficult (but certainly not impossible) to replicate in a rented house or apartment complex. There’s the ability to customize at will without fear of retribution from a landlord, not to mention the additional freedom that comes with gardening, installations and more. Families are often the most eager to have homes of their own, though couples and single individuals also are drawn to homes for sale.

With so much to take into consideration when finding homes that suit your budget and tastes, it helps to know where the winds are blowing. Nearly half of all buyers interested in a brand new home actively cite ‘energy-efficiency’ as their number one reason. When you think about it, this is an incredibly easy conclusion to jump to. Air-conditioning units are notorious energy leeches, which is nothing to say of water, heating and lighting bills. Your house should do more than cover your head. It should save you money as much as possible.

That’s not the only feature turning heads, however. Studies have shown 50% of Millennials and around 45% of Baby Boomers much prefer to live in more ‘walkable’ neighborhoods. This means areas where they can exercise, chill out or just feel safe as they move from place-to-place. Another 35% of recent buyers who sought out new homes, specifically, said they wanted to avoid renovation issues. If any of these fit your bill, you’re already on the right track to your dream home.

Where are people going? You could always try Florida. It’s estimated 1,000 people move to this state every single day. There’s a reason it’s called the Sunshine State, after all, as it boasts some of the most impressive weather patterns for those that like their days to be warm, sunny and full of life. Surrounded by beaches and thriving with active downtown cultures, there’s always something to do in Florida.

Some people want multiple bedrooms so everyone in the family can have a little privacy. Others want new home designs that support their environmentally-conscious and energy-efficient lifestyle. No matter what makes your heart sing, there are homes out there that can change your life for the better. A home designer can help you get settled in with additional renovations or interior decorating, to boot, and make sure you finish the year on a high note. Take advantage of a booming market and pull up that list you’ve been putting off.

You may be surprised at what you find.

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