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What Do Anxiety Hypnotherapists Do?

What Do Anxiety Hypnotherapists Do?

The idea of hypnosis can be confusing. Anxiety hypnotherapists work to use the power of hypnosis to help people who are struggling with their mental health. In this article, we’ll explore how anxiety hypnotherapists work to help people with anxiety.

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In a therapeutic setting, hypnosis can be used for anxiety, phobias, and body-picking disorders. The technique works by helping a person lower their psychological defenses, allowing them to process their issues without their natural defenses getting in the way. While it could be possible to hypnotize yourself, it’s often better to begin hypnotic work with a trained therapist.

Hypnosis has three stages: an induction stage, a suggestion stage, and a trance stage. The induction stage works to help someone get into a hypnotic state. A therapist might use visual or auditory cues to help a person get into a hypnotic state. Then, the therapist offers suggestions to the person entering the hypnotic state, such as fully relaxing the body. Finally, the trance stage allows the person to enter a controlled dissociative state, where they’re able to process issues without judgment.

If you’re dealing with anxiety and trauma, you may be interested in working with an anxiety hypnotherapist to help you work through your issues and symptoms.

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