What Is a Home Heating and Cooling System?

What Is a Home Heating and Cooling System?

This video explains a home heating and cooling system. A home heating and cooling system, known as HVAC, is installed to heat, cool, and ventilate the home. It makes the house cool on hot days and warm when cold for maximum comfort.

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The heat pump or furnace heats the air in the house. The pump draws in cold air and heats it before circulating it to warm the house. The air-conditioning system, also known as AC, is the system that cools the air in your home. Both work on the principle of heat transfer.

Heat moves from warmer objects to cooler ones. Heat pumps add heat to the air to warm your home, while AC systems remove heat from the air to make your home cooler. Heating and cooling are essential for the safety and comfort of the home. Heating systems make the house habitable during winter. It not only provides comfort but protects the inhabitants from freezing temperatures. AC works in the opposite. It cools the house for comfort during hot summer weather by drawing hot air and cooling it before circulation.

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