What Separates A Successful Party From A Terrible One?

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Everyone’s got an event that needs planning. Baby shower for a friend? Been there! Birthday party for your kids? Come on, that’s old hat! But a common issue facing any person trying to foster wonderful and festive memories is finding affordable, quality supplies and a good theme to tie it all together. Party tent rentals are a great solution for cultivating the ideal backyard party or outdoor wedding without the hassle of leftover messes and surprise costs. Look below to learn about popular events in America, simple party tips you can use and how using a party tent rental rather than buying can give quality results for both your guests and your wallet!

Did You Know?

Parties make the world go ’round! The average cost for a wedding reception in 2012 was around $13,000 and the majority of brides use the Internet to plan their reception nowadays. Bar Mitzvah celebrations only get more elaborate and festive with each passing year, to the point industry estimates are skewing to them in terms of the top money makers for caterers and designers. Sweet sixteens are still popular around the country and the average birthday party can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $25,000. While not all parties are designed the same, there are commonalities that link successful ones as well as disasters!

What Are Basic Party Tips I Should Know?

Organizing a party is a massive undertaking, even something as simple as a college get-together or a movie showing! From prior invitations to food and activities, every little detail invested will go a long way in ensuring everybody enjoys themselves. To start off, tea and coffee are always popular with a large group and will help relax the mood right off the bat (if serving alcohol, make sure to offer safe driving solutions once the party’s over!). There should be plenty of napkins and towels in case of spills and outdoor events should keep in mind the weather if things turn cloudy. When looking for a theme in your party tent rental, consider the audience and what would appeal to them — children prefer a lot of color while adults might favor a more stylish and minimalist approach.

How About Common Issues?

Everyone’s worried their long-awaited party won’t go according to plan. Little things, such as huge spills or bad weather, can turn a good mood sour and even lay waste to weeks of planning. Important tips to remember are your guests — without them, there would be no party to begin with! Allergies and alternate diets should be taken into consideration (seafood and nut allergies being the most common), while children should be properly entertained so they don’t become bored. Make sure to have multiple activities planned in case more people arrive or certain group events don’t take off as expected. Last, but certainly not least, make sure people can find the location so they spend more time partying and less time getting lost and frustrated!

Why Use Rental Linens, Tables And Chairs?

There’s no need to invest a great deal of money on costly supplies and decorations when you already have to manage food, invitations and driving! Renting out your outdoor or indoor equipment will give you the dual benefit of saving you on costs and reducing the pressure on your shoulders when everyone is packing up to go home. Rental companies offer high-quality matching tablecloths and tables, while having additional bonuses like warranties and deliveries to help you keep your focus where it needs to be. A good party rental equipment company will help you not only find the best supplies, but set up and plan your party to perfection. Next time you plan a baby shower or a high-school meet-up, consider looking into your local party tent rental services and create the event you’ve always dreamed of!

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