What to Know When Using a Bulk Water Delivery to Fill Your Pool

What to Know When Using a Bulk Water Delivery to Fill Your Pool

If you just bought a pool, you might be wondering what comes next. How do you fill up your pool? You have a couple of options. You can always pull out your hose, set it in the pool, and wait patiently as it fills up. Alternatively, you could turn to bulk water delivery. There are benefits to each method, and regardless of what you choose, will give you similar results.

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So how do you choose which path you’re going to take? When it comes to money, filling with your hose will increase your water bill, and to figure that out, you need to take your town into consideration. Ordering water delivery will give you a flat rate to work with, so there is no guessing or math involved. Typically, it will be cheaper to fill with hose water but when using bulk water delivery you are paying for more than just convenience.

Pool water coming from a delivery truck will be purified and treated ahead of time, so you won’t have to worry about buying water purifiers when filling it up with your hose. You would want to do this if the water in your area is prone to high metal levels. No matter which method you decide to fill your pool, be sure to do research so you know what makes the most sense where you live!


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