What You Didnt Know About Tree Care

What You Didnt Know About Tree Care

Both old and new growth trees need proper care throughout their lifetime. For already established trees it’s somewhat more important. They can encounter several issues that cause decay and disease. This is from animals, insects, and fungi.

New-growth trees must be taken care of to maintain their health.

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An application of mulch and compost around the trunk protects it from abuse and disease. In addition, it helps minimize moisture evaporation in the soil.

Trees require nutrients like humans. Water is the most important as is abundant sunshine. Plant food is also a consideration in tree care as long as it doesn’t release harmful chemicals into the ground table.

Pruning is also another component of tree care. In some situations, branches die due to unknown reasons. Thus, you must remove the infected components to make room for fresh buds.

As this video shows, tree care is a combination of material and patience.

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