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What You Should Know About Adoption

What You Should Know About Adoption

Any parent considering adoption knows that the world of adoption law is dense, complicated, and often overwhelming. Adopting a child is a gift that many parents would say is indescribable, and the rewards that come from adoption far outweigh the struggles of navigating the systems involved in adoption law. Before you jump right into the process, however, there are several things that you should know before adopting. In this video, we will hear from an adopted parent about things that she wish she knew before adopting.

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This mother shares about some of her most intimate thoughts about adoption, the first being that love is not always enough in an adoption. The mindset of “if I love them enough I can heal them,” is not healthy when it comes to a child, and it is not that easy. Any new adoptive parent needs to go into the situation understanding that adoption comes from a place of loss. Work to guide your child through the experience, not put a band-aid on it. Finally, you are going to have to fight for your family at times. This can be protecting your privacy or your child’s right to their own story.

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