Why You Should Enroll Your Child in a Day Camp

As a parent, you want to provide the best for your child. Taking care of your child can come in a variety of ways, whether that be ensuring they have a comfortable home to live in or providing them with the necessary tools to become an inventive, exploratory child. One of the foremost ways to provide for your child is to give them an excellent education.

An education goes a long way in this world. To be educated from an early age means that you are a person that will likely enter social situations with both compassion and empathy. The earlier your child can begin interacting with other students and teachers, having the available time to explore the world and the way that they conceptualize it, the greater the likelihood that they will succeed in future academic endeavors. One such way to provide this for your children is to enroll them in prep schools.

Prep schools, shortened for prepatory schools, are school systems that prepare students for future academic institutions, ones that will likely be more advanced than public schools. For the most part, these future academic institutions will be private schools, whether that be a private elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, or colleges/universities. Prep schools for young children are often referred to as day camps or day schools — places wherein children are provided with simple, introductory lessons to basic education, all the while teaching them life lessons and morals.

At of 2015, almost 90% of American five-year-olds are enrolled in prep programs. Of those five-year-olds, over 50% of them attended full-day programs.

What’s the point? Is it necessary for your child to be enrolled in one of many young children prep schools? Let’s explore that:

What To Know About Day School

Most day schools can work as both child daycares and educational centers. While you’re at work, your child can be given an educational center where teachers can work with them one-on-one to track their mental, emotional, and social development. Teachers will stay in contact with you over time, providing you with reports on your child’s development, along with recommendations of ways you can further benefit their development at home.

What To Look For In A Day School

Communicate with the teachers and supervisors working at the institution, determining if their personalities are right for your child. Likewise, consider reading reviews online, taking recommendations by word of mouth, noticing the physical state of the center upon visiting, and reading up on the prep schools policies, pricing, and education programs.

Why Send Your Child To A Day School

Prep schools are an excellent way to begin constructing the foundation of future success for your child. The likelihood of your child moving on to other private schools. The future benefits of private schools is unmatched:

  • While 21% of public school teachers report apathy as a problem in students, only 4% of private school teachers report this in their students
  • While 24% of public school teachers report parental involvement as a problem, only 3% of private school teachers report this
  • While the national average public school SAT score is 1060, the national average for private schools is 1235

Provide for your child and keep their future, and success, in mind. By taking the proper steps, you can begin fostering a worthwhile future for your child.

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