Yes, They Do Windows! How to Find a Dependable Maid Service with These Tips

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Do you feel like you can never get your home clean enough? Do you think that the cleanliness of your home reflects on you? Nearly 87% of all American women think they are judged by how clean their home is. If you want a clean home but cannot find the time to do it yourself, you may want to consider hiring a dependable maid service.

Tips for Findng a Maid Service:

Talk to your friends and family. Hiring a dependable maid service is a common thing many busy professionals do so you probably know someone who has a cleaning service come in and clean their homes. There are nearly 900,000 working maids in the United States right now. That means at least one person you know uses this kind of service. Ask them how they found their maid service. They may have several local house cleaners they can recommend. You can also look at sites like Yelp and Facebook. The best way to find any good and services is by getting a personal recommendation.

Talk to more than one trusted house cleaning service. Finding a dependable maid service will require you to talk to a few companies. This will give you a better sense of what you will pay and what kinds of services they can do. Ask if they usually send the same person or people to clean your home every time or if different people will be used. There are good and bad things about both options.

Make sure they are licensed and insured. Different cities and towns have different regulations for cleaning people. You need to know that the people who are cleaning your home have the right license and insurance, You need to know what would happen if something of yours is broken (it happens) or if the person is injured on the job.

Decide how often you want them to come. Do you need a dependable maid service to clean your home every week? Twice a month? Make a list of the things you absolutely need to be cleaned every time the cleaners come to your home. When people are upset with the job the cleaning services agency did, more than 90% of the time the reason is they were not clear about what they want done. If you do not know and clearly articulate what you need done, the cleaning service will not be able to deliver.

Make sure the pricing is clear and transparent. Some companies charge extra for certain services. To prevent any upsetting bills, make your list of things that you want cleaned every week and of things you need to be done once every season. Take that list to the meetings you have with the dependable maid service and see what the response is.

Ask about the cleaning products they use. Do you supply the cleaning tools and cleaning products or do they? If you have allergies or have specific requirements for what cleaning products are used, let the agency know. If you are really concerned about the products the agency uses in your home, it might be worth it to buy these yourself.

Do you want to be home when the cleaners work in your place? You need to decide if you will be at home when the cleaners are in your home or if you feel comfortable enough with the agency to leave them with a key. When you talk to the different cleaning agencies, ask what days and hours they usually send people to clean.

Make sure you tell the agency about your pets. If you have cats or dogs or any other animals, let the agency know. They should also know if those animals are allowed outside or not. If you have indoor cats who are always trying to get out, let the maid service know that. They will also need to know this so they do not send a maid who is allergic to your pets.

Finding the right cleaning service for your home can make a big difference in how you enjoy living there. Take some time, do your research and you will find a service you can afford and that you like.

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