You Don’t Have to Visit France to Feel the Comfort of the European Countryside

Choosing new sheets

Nothing beats the feeling of settling into a nice, soft bed at the end of a long day. The average human will spend almost one third of their life in bed, so it should be one of the most comfortable places in your home. Many people are under the impression that a nice mattress is the only factor that comes into play when considering the comfort of your bed, but in truth, your sheets may matter more than you think!

The material used to make your sheets plays a huge role in how smooth and comfortable they are. For example, cotton sheets are soft to the touch and keep heat in while being very breathable. In contrast, a cotton and polyester blend could be a little bit less soft, but much cooler in the summer months. Choosing the right sheets is important, but even more so is choosing the right sheets for you.

What’s involved in picking the right sheets?

The most important factor in choosing sheet sets is determining what you need from your bed sheets. If you’re a person who gets cold easily, you may want to look into flannel sheets, or some heavier linen sheet sets. However, if you want cool summer sheets, you may want to look into lighter cotton sets, or even something like bamboo fiber sheets for your bed.

Are organic sheets available?

Believe it or not, yes! Organic fibers are free of dye and chemicals, especially things like insecticide that is often used to help cotton and flax plants grow. By purchasing organic sheets, you may be protecting your skin from harsh chemicals and dyes that would otherwise make sleeping uncomfortable. Cotton and linen are the most likely candidates and have the most benefits of being organic.

What are the benefits of linen sheets?

While organic cotton sheets are popular, organic linen sheet sets are even more so, and for good reason! First, linen fibers don’t generate any static electricity. Say goodbye to those post-wash finger shocks! In addition, linen has a very high rate of heat conductivity, which means it will circulate air and keep you much cooler than cotton and even silk! Linen sheet sets are widely used in Europe, and have been for hundreds of years, so bringing a little bit of that French countryside into your home could add a touch of wanderlust to your room, too.

No matter the kind of sheets you choose, the most important thing to keep in mind is your comfort. Let your body breathe and don’t forget to check for organic fibers!

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