4 Smart Ways to Decorate a Pergola

Many homeowners are looking for ways to decorate their yards. Considering that, these individuals often choose to purchase pergolas. A pergola is often made of wood but the exact specifications of these structures can vary. One homeowner might want a small pergola while others might prefer something that spans an entire walkway. Another important decision to make is how you’re going to decorate this structure. With that in mind, here are four wise ways to consider decorating a pergola.

  • Adding Seats for You and Your Guests

    After purchasing a traditional pergola, you might want to spruce it up a bit. With that in mind, consider adding seats under your pergola. This allows you and your visitors to have adequate seating space. If you plan on doing any entertaining, consider also placing a few tables in this area.
  • Consider Adding Curtains

    Another characteristic of beautifully designed pergolas is the addition of curtains. You’ll find that many homeowners utilize curtains to spruce up their pergolas. Having curtains around a pergola allows you to have some kind of control over external temperatures. If there’s too much of a wind around you, simply pull out the curtains. There is a wide range of pergola curtains available, meaning you’re extremely likely to find the perfect match.
  • String Lights Are Beautiful Pergola Additions

    In many cases, you’ll want to spend time during the night in your pergola. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to navigate this area while it is dark outside. Considering that, you’ll find that adding lights to your pergola solves this problem. If you’re looking for an easy pergola lighting solution, try adding string lights. These lights are easy to place and create beautifully designed pergolas.
  • Having a Shady Pergola

    One study found that 92% expected wooden furniture to last at least 15 years. Considering that, there will likely be times where your pergola is too hot to spend time in. With that in mind, you’ll want to consider adding shade over the top of this structure. In addition, you can custom order a pergola to be made with a shady roof instead of lattice material.

To summarize, there are several ways to have beautifully designed pergolas. If you’re wondering where to buy a pergola, considering purchasing one made by the Amish. All Amish furniture is entirely handcrafted. In turn, you’ll benefit from receiving pieces made with the high degree of craftsmanship put into all Amish furnishings. It should only take about eight weeks to build both new and custom Amish furniture. After this time, you’ll receive your handcrafted pergola to proudly display in your yard.

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