The Before and After of Hurricane Season

As we approach the end of the summer, we also approach hurricane season in the Southeast United States. From the end of August to the end of September we see the highest frequency of hurricanes hitting Florida and homeowners need to know how to prepare for them with home improvement as well as how to handle repairs after the storm is over.

Before the Storm

If a dangerous hurricane is heading towards your area, the most important thing to do is to evacuate well before the storm hits. As evacuation warnings may come more quickly than you expect, it’s best to prepare your home months in advance so that you come back needing to do as few repairs as possible.

Any exterior repairs to the siding, windows, or roof should be done in the months before so that the hurricane doesn’t have any easy entry points into your home. Consider investing in hurricane shutters to give your home extra protection or have correctly sized plywood ready to install when needed. Clean out your gutters and drains as the storm will unload a massive amount of water onto all buildings in the area. To prevent residential flooding, have your basement waterproofed and take care of any existing water damage right away. Make sure your plumbing is up to snuff as well by installing check valves to prevent backups.

Remember that keeping yourself and your family safe from the hurricane should be your top priority and that any needed repairs to your home can be handled in time.

After the Storm

Coming back to your home with a damaged roof or a basement in need of serious flood damage restoration can be devastating. There are plenty of companies willing to help, as over 50,000 businesses currently work in siding, roofing, and installation. Call a roofing contractor as soon as possible, as many offer emergency repairs that mitigate damages in the time before an insurance adjuster can get to you.

If you have extensive repairs to do on your home, trying looking at it all as home improvement. With a new roof, you’ll be able to pick out new shingle colors that are more complimentary to your siding. Or water damage to your floors can be a chance to install new flooring that lasts your family for years to come.

To complete all of these home improvement projects, you need to choose a reliable construction company. According to owners who were disappointed in their end product, 69% said the biggest reason was due to poor contractor performance.Your choice of contractor will impact the whole project, so be sure that you both align in your goals and work ethic. The company they come from is important as well. As of 2005 92% of construction companies had less than 20 employees. Choosing a company of this smaller size would benefit you and your home, as they can give great attention and detail to your needs and will value your business.

According to storm data statistics from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 19,172 significant storms were recorded in 2015 and increased to 20,237 in 2016, the highest recorded number in about three years. We can only expect that number to hover around the same or increase, so staying on top of hurricane preparation and knowing how to approach repairs after the storm is essential.

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