An Adoption Home Study for When You Want to Find the Best Family for Your Baby


Have you thought about being a birth mother for a couple unable to have children? Or perhaps you’re pregnant and looking for adoption agencies in your area. If so, how much do you know about adoption?

First of all, most adoptions in the United States, or 38%, are handled privately. Approximately 37% of adoptions are of children in the foster care system, while 25% are children from other countries, or international adoptions.

When people adopt children, 70.2% are married families and 22.7% are single females. Unmarried couples have sought adoption 1.6% and single males 5.5%.

When an adoption home study is conducted, the adoption agency will assist you with making sure that your baby or child will be with caring parents. It’s important to know that adopted parents will often give their children even more attention than biological parents.

From the ages of birth-to-five, approximately three-out-of-every-four adopted children’s parents read or sing to them on a daily basis. Only half of non-adopted children receive the same level of attention.

Studies have shown that sharing meals together can create and strengthen the family bond. It is common practice to conduct a follow-up adoption home study. During these follow-up visits, it was found that at least six days a week, more than half of adopted children have dinner with their family.

What is even more important is knowing that when adopted children are five and older, over 90% of these children said they felt positively about being adopted. Furthermore, their relationship with their adopted parents was “very warm and close” in 81% of adoption cases.

When considering the parents of adopted children, 87% said that they would adopt again. This is significant because in some cases, unexpected issues may arise. These might be genetically-based mental or physical health issues along with other concerns. It is important to note, however, that unexpected issues can also arise with biological children.

If you’re looking for a good family to adopt your child, you’ll have quite a few questions. When you find the right adoption agency to guide you through this process, you’ll also want to ask specific questions about the adoption home study.

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