Are You Considering a Nautical Update to Your Home?

Nautical home decor

The weather is confusing this first week of spring.
With temperatures approaching the 80s on Sunday and a cold Thursday morning dropping to freezing, the weather adage seems to be true: if you do not like the weather, wait wait 24 hours and it will change.
While you are willing to check the temperature before you go out for your morning walk to determine whether or not you need a hat and coat, you are not willing to to wait any longer for the spring cleaning that is also a part of this time of year. So while the temperatures seem to have a mind of their own, you are making up your own mind about the start of a major cleaning and remodeling project.
By the end of the week you are planning to show your husband and your children the plan to remodel and refresh the entire first floor of the house. With several nautical theme decorations as inspiration, you have a bright new color palate planned that will make your home look like a day at the beach. A large nautical clock will be the centerpiece of one of the major walls, but you are still looking for other nautical home decorations to carry the theme through other rooms.
Nautical theme decor items are a constant part of many homes, whether those locations are just a few steps away from the beach or miles away from the shore. With bright colors that imitate those found on sailboats, sand, and land, bright whites are also mixed in with a number of shades of blues that are reminiscent of the ocean. With the addition of life preserver decorations and other nautical ideas, you can wake up with the visual clues that will remind you of the sounds of the ocean.
Nautical Theme Decor Remains Popular in Locations Around the Country
It is not difficult to believe that ocean themed decorations are popular when you realize that by the year 2010, 39% of the nation’s population lived in coastal shoreline counties. this percentage represents the fact that over 123 million people enjoy seaside homes. And while these beach dwellers are not the only ones who select this kind of home decor, they do help fuel the entire home decor market which brings in approximately $65.2 billion every single year.
Just as families that vacation in the mountains want to remember their favorite location when they are back in their homes, beachside vacationers like to recall the look and feel of the ocean even when they are back at home far from the water. A simple seashell sitting on the end table next to your favorite share, for instance, can provide the touch, the vision, and, even, the sound of the water. Even when you are sitting in your kitchen on a cold winter morning, a well chosen piece of beach decor can remind you of sunnier and warmer days.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the home decorating and design industry:

  • Most women (65%) and most men (58%) indicate that they would rather shop for items for their homes, like nautical theme decor, than shop for shoes.
  • Americans love traditional decorating styles. In fact, 44% say the overall look of their homes is traditional (44%), while 22% indicate that they like modern decorating styles. Another 13% prefer a country style and the remaining 2% tend toward a global style.
  • Keeping hold of family heirlooms is a priority for many homeowners making interior design changes.
  • Every time you make an interior design change you also have the opportunity to add value to your house.

  • As many as 26% of people spend just five to eight waking hours in their homes a day; 26% said they spend nine to 12 hours a day at home.

  • Changes do not need to be subtle. In fact, 63% of people over age 55 purchase all new furniture when they redesign or decorate.
  • Have you been anxious to update your main living space?
  • All design choices can have a major impact.
  • New pieces like nautical items can freshen an old space.
  • Generally, 20% of Americans feel happy with their home decor.
  • Estimates indicate that 47% of Americans have not updated their home in the last five years.

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