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Three Things to Remember When You Need to Find Local Moving Companies

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Are you trying to find local moving companies to help you relocate all of your Earthly possessions from one place to another? It can be a bit overwhelming, since there are dozens of moving helpers, and they all present themselves in the best light. You don’t want to take the time to find local moving companies, sign a contract and hand over your belongings to them, only to realize they aren’t good at their job. In a mild situation, a few of your items could be lost or broken in transit (depending on the items, that might not be so mild). In the worst case scenario, the moving labor professionals (or so you think) could show up on time, efficiently load all your things into their truck, and then disappear from the face of the earth with everything you own. Oh yes, it’s a thing that has happened.

The moral of this story is when you’re trying to find local moving companies, you need to know what you need to know. And we’re hear to share that with you:

Three Things to Remember When You Need to Find Local Moving Companies

  1. Price shop.
    When shopping for short distance moving companies, you should get quotes from several companies before you sign a deal with one. Keep in mind that there is a “going rate” for using a mover. While you obviously wouldn’t hire a company who charges a lot more than everyone else, you should also be very suspicious of any companies who charge way less than everyone else. If they charge less than their competitors, there is a reason. These companies are only staying in business because they’re cutting corners that jeopardize your possessions, such as working faster than they should or using cheap packaging material.

    Also, it’s a good start to get some instant quotes while you’re price shopping, but before you hire anyone, you want them to actually take a look at the stuff you’re going to be moving, to ensure your quote is reliable. If the moving company can give you a flat quote over the phone, they’re padding it so they don’t lose money if your move requires more work than they intended.

  2. Look for experience.

    It’s unfortunate, but scams are not unheard of in the moving industry. If a mover is new to town, you’re taking an additional risk. If they’ve been around for decades and maintained a great reputation, it’s a sign that they can be trusted. On top of that, sometimes when a moving company burns too many bridges, they close up shop and reopen with a new name (but the same shenanigans). While this might erase their poor work history, it also resets the clock on their operation. Looking of a company with some experience under their belt is a great way to ensure they can be trusted.

  3. Check their documentation.

    In order for a moving company to be legit, they have a lot of regulatory hoops they have to jump through. They have to have a license from county. They have to have insurance. They have to be bonded. Any moving company worth their nickel knows this and will readily supply it. Make sure you know what the movers in your area are required to have, and make sure you check and make sure they have it!

    Here’s another little factoid: Sometimes, the less-savory home movers have been known to say they are licensed and insured and bonded, although they are not actually. In some cases, they might even high jack legitimate moving information from someone who is and present it as their own credentials. When asking for this information, make sure you jot down the ID numbers and contact the issuers of the license, insurance, and bond to verify that it’s legitimate, and the name on the paperwork matches the name of the person you’re actually working with. You also want to make sure that those credentials appear on the paperwork you are given, including the estimate and the contract.

We hope the information we included helps you find the best local mover for the job! Do you have any other questions or comments to add? Please share them in the comment section below!

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