Are You Qualified for an SSDI Claim?

Are You Qualified for an SSDI Claim?

Filing for an SSDI claim can be a time-consuming process, with many pieces of paperwork and forms that you need to fill out. Before you embark on the lengthy journey that is filing for social security disability insurance, you need to be sure that you are qualified to do so. Nothing is worse than wasting time on a process with no payout in the end.

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To help avoid this, this video helps to clarify what qualifications need t be met in order to qualify for an ssdi claim.

The main concern when you are filing for an ssdi claim is people trying to steal your information. Many scammers are getting people’s’ private info by claiming that they offer ssdi claim application services. There are a few clear factors that can easily help you tell if you qualify or not. First of all, the government has a very strict protocol on what a disability actually is. For instance, if your condition is not on the SSA list, you may not qualify for SSDI. Additionally, if you are working above the substantial gainful activity, or SGA minimum, you are eligible for SSDI.


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