Behind The Growing Need For Self Storage Solutions In The United States

Here in the United States, far too many of us deal with a lack of storage, though the reasons for this may be varied. But there is no doubt about it, no matter what the circumstances are, that self storage solutions and self storage companies have become more essential than ever before. In fact, the data more than backs up this claim, showing that an increase of as much has sixty five percent has been seen in the less than twenty year time span between the year of 1995 and 2012 when it comes to the number of people renting a self storage unit. And in the years that have elapsed since the year of 2012, now more than five years ago, this number has only continued to grow.

In that same year, it was estimated that up to ten percent of all people in the United States had some type of self storage unit, if not even more than one. Again, this percentage has only increased in the years since. In addition to this fact, more than fifty thousand storage facilities are currently operational in this country alone, with still nearly two and a half billion square feet of space ready to be rented out, ready for the taking.

So it is no surprise that the self storage industry is one that has been thriving in recent years, currently bringing in more than twenty two billion dollars of revenue each and every year. And because of their vast success throughout the country, they have been able to create a great number of jobs, and currently employ as many as one hundred and seventy two thousand people in this one country alone.

But what should you store in a self storage unit in the first place? Really, the answer could incorporate just about anything, as the typical home in the United States now contains up to three hundred thousand objects, many of those making the home feel crowded and unkempt. For many people, vehicles are stored in self storage warehouses, with boat storage options more vast than ever before, to say the least.

For winter months, storing your boat in any given self storage unit is more than ideal, as this will help to keep it out of the elements and in as good of a condition as when you used it the last summer. The same is true for cars, as storing them at a storage facility can help to keep them from rusting, something that is ideal for any car but particularly necessary for top of the line and high end cars that you only drive when the weather is nice. And when your car is in a self storage unit, you can rest assured that it will be kept safe from all such dangers.

But, of course, there are a number of things that you will need to consider when selecting your ideal self storage unit, whether you are storing vehicles or just typical household objects within it. For one thing, you’ll need to make sure that your storage unit is big enough to meet your needs, as many self storage units come in differing sizes and not all will be suitable even if they are otherwise ideal for your purposes. In addition to this, you should make sure that the inside is both clean and dry, as this will help to ensure that your belongings will remain this way if you decide to store them there. After all, what’s the point of renting a self storage unit if not to keep your possessions as safe as they can possibly be?

You also want to try to rent a storage unit that you can access every single day of the week. Many storage units will offer this feature, but not every single self storage facility will, so it is highly important to check and see what their hours of operation are before committing to any one self storage unit. A storage facility where you can quickly and easily drive directly up to your self storage unit is also more than ideal for loading and unloading of objects.

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