Here’s Why You Should Work With a Wholesale Resort Furniture Vendor

You want your guests to have the best experience when they stay at your resort. From the hotel furniture in the foyer to what’s in their bedrooms or suites, choosing the best resort furniture is a way to show off your aesthetic throughout. You want the experience to be relaxing and luxurious for your guests, to create a home away from home that still is a notch above what they might get from their usual surroundings. Whether it’s poolside cabanas or Adirondack chairs, you want the finest quality resort furniture to craft a unique and outstanding experience. After all, word of mouth is powerful and you want your reputation to shine. So how do you find the best resort furniture? What should you look for in wholesale furniture? What should you keep in mind as you peruse vendors?

What Should I Keep in Mind With my Resort Furniture?

Everything from the color scheme to the furniture to the artwork and finishing touches, is going to make an impression on your clientele. Obviously you want that impression to be a positive one and for them to return to your resort again and again.

You want resort furniture that’s both stylish and reflective of the overall resort’s aesthetic, while also being practical and high quality. (Shoddy furniture can lead to accidents, which can lead to lawsuits, which no one wants.)

Consider what’s popular and functional for the area you’re furnishing. For example, depending on your location, Adirondack chairs might be a good bet, or motion chairs, like a recliner or swivel rocker might be best (the latter made up 8% of furniture sales in 2009, according to Furniture Today).

An ottoman, armchair, and spacious dresser might be welcome additions to a room (a large, comfortable bed practically goes without saying). Extra touches like an airy mosquito net or billowing white curtains on the window can add a touch of the exotic as well.

What Should I Look For in Wholesale Furniture?

If you’re looking at wood, go with solid wood. Yes, it will be more expensive, but it will hold up much better over time and with the right veneers or protective coats, you can keep it from scratching or becoming susceptible to water rings. You should also stay away from nails and glue — make sure that things are joined at the corners and ends instead.

Either make sure that your fabric is stain-resistant or that it’s a surface that can easily be wiped off. You want to keep furniture looking nice, and too many accumulated spills or dirty feet can take a toll.

What Should I Look For in a Vendor?
Because every resort is a little different, depending on the location — even if it’s a chain — you want to find a vendor who will work with you to customize your furnishings, and one that’s flexible in terms of designs and planning. Ideally, they’ll provide you with prototypes and consult you along the way, to make sure that they’re adhering to your final vision.

They should have excellent customer service and experienced staff that can communicate steps of the process to you. Look for a vendor who can work within your budget and do a complete delivery and installation of the furniture. Bonus points if they can also manufacture some of the pieces themselves and can service everything both before guests arrive and after they leave.

Find a vendor that has a good reputation within the hospitality community and one with a good amount of experience to back them up. Their results should be evident in their portfolio and the satisfaction of the other clients they’ve worked with.

And above all, communication is key. You need a vendor who understands what you’re trying to do and can effectively communicate how the plan is going to be executed. With so many moving pieces, it’s important that everyone stays on the same page.

Make your resort stand out with high quality, practical furniture that expresses the atmosphere you’re going for by looking at wholesale resort furniture.

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