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Why It Is Important to Plan For Your Marriage, As Well As Your Wedding

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Summer is wedding seasons. Many couples choose to have their wedding ceremony during the winter months because of the great weather and the beautiful views. A lot goes into the planning of a wedding, including the venue, the guest list, the food and drinks, the decorations and even the attire of both the bride and groom. Although many couples spend months and months planning for the event of their wedding, they often do not spend enough time planning for their actual marriage. The wedding event only lasts one day, while the marriage will, hopefully last for many years. It is important to take the time to plan and prepare for a lifelong marriage with your significant other.

There are too many failed marriages today. Many of these failed marriages are a result of lack of preparation prior to getting married. A marriage forces people to learn how to live together, with one person for their entire lives. A lack of preparation can certainly cause a failure in the marriage. Many couples choose to undergo couples therapy prior to their wedding. Marriage counseling prior to a marriage does not mean that there are any problems in the relationship or that the couple should not be getting married, it simply means that the couple is taking every step possible to ensure they have a great marriage.

However, marriage intensives or couples counseling is also great for those couples who are already married and are struggling with their marriage. It can often be a huge benefit to have a third part to that is neutral to discuss problems with the marriage. According to the Chicago Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy, research shows that about 50% of couples who participated in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy recovered upon the termination of therapy, with 70% of recovering within the next three months.

Marriage intensives prior to marriage show great success. According to research done by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, over 98% of surveyed couples who underwent couple?s therapy reported that they received good or excellent help, and over 97and of those surveyed said they got the help they needed. Those who were receiving counseling services, both individually and as a couple prior to beginning a marriage are better able to handle any difficulties or differences that come along during the marriage. In fact, after working with a marriage or family therapist, 93% of patients said they had more effective tools for dealing with their problems. Respondents also reported improved physical health and the ability to function better at work after attending therapy.

Marriage intensives for couples vary depending on the couple who is working through counseling. The therapist will get to know each couple member and how they interact with the other. They will look for any negative ways of feedback and any problems with communicating. They will also look for areas that can be improved. The biggest thing is that the couple will learn skills for breaking through barriers and for learning to communicate and hear their spouse better. These skills will help them all throughout their marriage, as they overcome new obstacle and new problems.

Weddings are very common right now. Many couples spend months and months planning for their wedding, but very little time at all planning for their actual marriage. Some amount of planning is necessary to ensure that the marriage will last a long time and will be healthy and beneficial to both spouse members. Marriage intensives are couples counseling sessions that occur prior to the wedding. These sessions assist each spouse member in learning the necessary skills to work through any problems that might arise in their marriage.

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