Common Mistakes to Avoid In Child Custody Cases

Common Mistakes to Avoid In Child Custody Cases

In this YouTube video, Attorney Terri S. Herron describes five common mistakes that child custody lawyers see people making before, during, and after a child custody battle.

Keeping the child from the other parent is a big no-no for many judges.

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Commonly, this happens most often when the other parent gets a new partner. This usually backfires on the offending parent.

Name-calling of the other parent in front of the child should never happen. If the other parent displays less than tolerable personality habits, the child should be allowed to come to that conclusion on their own.

Making false accusations without substantiation wastes everyone’s time and money. The court cannot hear issues without substantiation of the claims being made.

Children should not be allowed to call the new significant other “mom” or “dad.” Some courts find that forcing the child to call the new partner by these labels is disrespectful.

Parents should not try to claim custody if they are not actively engaged in their child’s life. If a parent hasn’t seen their child, that parent needs to file the proper legal paperwork in court.

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