Dentist vs. Orthodontist Which One Should I Bring My Child To?

Dentist vs. Orthodontist  Which One Should I Bring My Child To?

Are you trying to decide who you should bring your child to? The dentist or the orthodontist? Both a kids orthodontist and dentist are knowledgeable about oral health and know what to look for when you are there for an appointment, but what’s the difference between the two? This expert will go over what the difference between these two practices are and which one may be the right choice for you and your kid.

Orthodontists are already dentists. This professional states that they can be dentists years before they become orthodontists. The difference with orthodontists is that they specialize in problems of dental development of the child dentition.

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So, this could be if your child has misaligned teeth, an orthodontist would guide them through the treatment of braces. This is something that general dentists don’t normally do. So, if you are seeking to get specific care from a dental expert, an orthodontist may be your best bet.

Watch this entire video to hear all of the differences and similarities between dentists and orthodontists. You can then make your decision on which one would be best to visit at this moment.


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