Do Gutter Guards Even Work?

Do Gutter Guards Even Work?

There are different types of gutter guards, as seen in this video. But what are gutter guards and do they work? Gutter guards work, and while they may clog every once in a while, they can reduce the frequency that you’ll have to clean your gutters. They also lower the risk of damage to a home or property due to clogged gutters and stagnant water.

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Gutters function by trapping roof runoff, dirt, twigs, and outdoor grime. After knowing what gutter guards are, individuals should understand that regular protection and cleaning prevent heavy muck. This can trigger severe damage if not checked.

Gutters are a massive investment that protects the home by rerouting rainwater from the house. However, they won’t be as functional as they should be if clogged. Excessive clogging results in bent gutters, and in worse cases, they may detach from the roof. This is where gutter guards come in. People still wondering what gutter guards are should know that they help secure the home from damage. Gutter guards are also known as helmets, gutter screens, or covers. They are installed over gutter tops to prevent debris from penetrating the gutters. They also facilitate the smooth flow of water from the house.

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