Does Your Son or Daughter Suck His or Her Thumb?

Parenting is rarely easy, and many times it is down right exhausting.

Finding a solution to some of the problems that parents frequently face is not even made easier by the fact that others are battling the same problems. Thumb and finger sucking is one of those problems that can be difficult to face, even when you know that there are other parents facing the same challenges.

So common is this problem that many companies offer thumb guards for toddlers and thumb sucking appliances for even older children.

Thumb Sucking Is a Problem for Many Reasons

From the germs that are spread to the tooth problems that occur, thumb and finger sucking can have lasting effects, especially if it goes on for many years. In fact, the lasting effects of thumb sucking can still linger well into adulthood when it comes to the damage that it can cause to teeth. Did you know, for instance, that teeth are the second biggest insecurity for Americans after weight? Not surprising, nearly 80% of people who have had their teeth straightened report having higher confidence, and some of these initial problems can be traced back to thumb sucking when the adult was a young child.

Thumb guard for thumb suckers for are just one of the options that parents can make use of to help their children solve what can otherwise become a bigger and bigger problem. Research indicates that nearly 95% of babies will suck their thumb on reflex. After the age of two, however, a child sucks his or her thumb more out of habit rather than reflex. It is at this point when a thumb guard for thumb suckers might be the most effective.

Consider some of these other facts and figures about thumb and finger sucking:

  • 10% of children will continue to suck their thumb after the ages of two or three.
  • Only 5% of children will continue to suck their thumb after the ages of four or five.
  • According to the American Dental Association, age four is considered the best time to discourage a child from thumb sucking.
  • 75% of children’s cases of underbites and overbites have benefited from early intervention.
  • Beyond damage to teeth, thumbsucking has also been known to cause speech impairments. in fact, nearly 5% of children exhibit a speech disorder by first grade.
  • A thumb guard for thumb suckers and other similar products have proven to be 90% effective in breaking thumbsucking habits in children.

There are many times when parenting is full of joy, but there are also challenges that come along with helping your children grow up. Thumb and finger sucking are one of the challenges that many parents face.

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