Dos and Donts for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Dos and Donts for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Although white kitchen cabinets are popular, classy, and timeless, The Paint People advise you against using that color. Why? Let’s find out.

So here are some interior design tips and off-white ideas to help you deviate from painting white.

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First, determine whether you should change the tiles and countertop to refresh your space and repurpose the kitchen. If you like them, you can move on to choosing the color.

The kitchen walls need immediate attention because they are the largest surface area. To get the perfect hue, choose a nuanced neutral tone that combines unique colors like beige and taupe. Remember that your walls will stay the same for a long time, so this choice is pivotal to the rest of the kitchen’s design.

After you color the walls, it’s time for the kitchen cabinets. Finding mid-tone color is pretty much easy. Simply, place your color fan deck alongside the countertop and wall to choose a sumptuous hue. For instance, the stone hearth color is unique and meshes well with subtle tones. Ideally, the hue should complement the overall color scheme but with visual contrast.

Once you’re done, get a good paintbrush from IKEA with chunky handles to make the job will be easy. When done, step back and admire your off-white kitchen.

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