Explaining Industrial Garage Doors

Explaining Industrial Garage Doors

This YouTube explains the electronic simulated garage doors. Industrial garage doors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A simplified industrial garage door is the example in this video.

Industrial garage doors can be either roll-up, overhead, or scissor gates. The principle of how each one works is the same.

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Each one is installed with a photo-electronic sensor. This is to ensure if a forklift of personnel is in the doorway it doesn’t close on them.

An industrial garage door is installed with a limit switch. This limit switch allows the door to open and close. The limit switch ensures the motor does not keep running to cause door damage. On the door in the example, the limit switch is wired closed. This ensures that the door is not activated until the button needed is pressed.

A commercial garage door company uses a door with a limit switch to ensure the door opens to the height needed. Once the door reaches the limit required the door stops opening. When the down button is activated, the limit switch closes the door. If both the down and up buttons are pushed simultaneously, the door does nothing.

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