Fire Prevention 101

Fire Prevention 101

Almost every homeowner has spent a ton of money investing in their home, and wants to protect it from disasters. House fires have been on the uptick due to several droughts in the west, but also due to carelessness around the home. Although we have been given tips to prevent house fires our entire lives, it is important to brush up on fire safety every now and again. This video provides several easy tips to help prevent a future fire in your home.

Whether it is bringing in commercial sprinkler companies to install some units in your workplace, or simply not burning a candle too close to your bookshelf, there are many steps that you can take to prevent fires. In this video, the firefighter recommends storing all hot pads, pans, and towels in a place far away from the oven.

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Many homeowners make the mistake of storing these things in the broiler cabinet under the oven, which is not meant to have things stored in it. Replace damaged chords, unplug heated kitchen appliances when you are finished, and never leave candles unattended. Finally, make sure your smoke detector is functioning properly.


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