Are You Experiencing Plumbing Issues?

Are You Experiencing Plumbing Issues?

This YouTube video from Roger Wakefield discusses the most common plumbing issues.

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Homeowners should never be blind when it comes to common plumbing repair. Simple steps like tightening pipes, replacing washers, and checking for leaks must always be on their minds.

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If these issues are ignored, then small problems become huge issues.

Take a leaky kitchen pipe as an example. A homeowner can probably contain it by placing something under it that collects the water. However, the leak means the pipe is loose or cracked. Eventually, it will get so bad that more water flows on the floor than in the sink.

Another common issue to learn about relates to the toilet. A constantly clogged commode could have a bigger problem related to a broken sewer pipe or tree roots growing in the line. If this isn’t caught in time, then the plumbing repair costs thousands instead of hundreds.

The most important reason to understand common plumbing issues is to prevent additional damage. Leaks from second-floor toilets will flow into the main area. Kitchen plumbing issues could cause damage to the floors and cabinets. Don’t let this happen.

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