Hire a Professional Maid Service For Your Spring Cleaning List

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Americans tend to take pride in their households. They spend numerous hours per week completing maintenance and household cleaning responsibilities. In fact, many household owners spend the majority of their days off, completing cleaning tasks. Yet, many households fail to effectively clean their homes. They miss many of the important cleaning tasks that are important to safe air and reduction of illness. Hiring a dependable maid service can ensure that your household is cleaning all of these important areas.


Bathroom cleanings usually involve quickly picking up the clothing off the bathroom floor, running a quick brush through the toilet, and spraying the shower tile down. However, this may not be enough to effectively remove all of the bacteria that sit in the bathroom. Because bathrooms are constantly moist, they are prone to growing mold and other dangerous breathing spores. A dependable maid service can properly clean your bathroom for you.


A normal kitchen cleaning may include throwing out garbage and washing the dishes after a meal. However, kitchens are prone to bacteria growth, because there is so much raw food in this room. Kitchens often require deeper cleanings. You may be able to get away with giving the fridge a good scrub every two or three weeks, but you should never skip washing counters and you should always replace sponges frequently. It is these smaller household tasks that are often forgotten. Hiring a maid service can keep track of these types of tasks, ensuring that your kitchen is bacteria free.


Although many people regularly clean their bedrooms, they often fail to change their bedding enough. When we sleep, we shed skin onto our sheets and pillows. This skin often contains bacteria and germs that can transfer back onto our current living skin. If you share your bed with other people, you are likely to have a buildup of skin cells. People on average change bed sheets every two weeks, which is usually not enough. Keep your bedding change schedule for your professional cleaning services company.


Dusting is another cleaning task that usually gets put off for many months, especially during the winter months. By the time spring comes around, many rooms are covered in dust. Excessive dust amounts can affect breathing and can increase illness throughout the house. Even if hiring house cleaning services is not right for you, it can be extremely beneficial to have a one time spring cleaning service. A spring cleaning service is a dependable maid service that completes all of the household cleaning tasks that were put off during the winter months. Considering that many households have very long spring cleaning lists, this can be very beneficial.

Custom cleaning services

Every household is different. That also means that every household has different cleaning responsibilities. While you may be comfortable with properly dusting the inside of your house, you may require additional help with keeping the basement or garage clean. Most dependable maid services give you the ability to completely customize your cleaning needs. If you only need help cleaning your carpet, you can hire a maid service for that. If you require a one time maid cleaning service for an upcoming entertaining event, that is also a possibility. Professional maid services work with the homeowners and create a cleaning plan and schedule that works for them.

A clean household is important for low stress, low illness, and overall enjoyment of the house. In fact, wholly 87% of women feel that a clean home is a reflection of self. Hiring a professional maid service can ensure that your household is as clean as possible. It can also help you to complete those important, yet often missed cleaning tasks. Many homeowners regularly pick up their homes, but many do not do deep cleaning tasks in the kitchen, bathrooms, change the bedding enough, or regularly clean areas like the garage or basement. It can also be very helpful to hire a dependable maid service to check off items on your spring to do cleaning list.

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