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Clothes donations

Sometimes you may feel the need to clean out your closet. Perhaps there is an abundance of things that you no longer wear. Some people pile it into a box and hide it in the corner of their closet, and some may even just throw it all away. Many do not realize exactly where their garbage bags full of clothing go. They will sit in a landfill where millions of tons of clothing end up. However, there is a better option to seriously consider. Red cross donations are a great way to get rid of your old clothing and also help out people in need. There is no reason to have your old things go to the garbage when somebody else can make great use out of it. It is important to consider how your simple decisions can affect the world around you. The EPA states that people in the United States will throw away 10 pounds of clothes per person each year. Instead of letting them go to waste in a landfill, these unused clothes can go to charity.

Red cross donations are used to help those in critical situations. Your clothing donations will have a use to somebody somewhere. Even if your clothes or torn or damaged you should not throw them away. You can still donate worn out clothing items and they will be recycled for other use. They only need to be clean when they are received. $2.5 million in sales was made in 2015 from reused clothing, which is put towards charitable programs. Anybody can donate clothing and have the pride that they are helping so many people. Another benefit is that donations are also tax deductible for the value of the items you donate. Red cross donations are easy to do, as there are many locations to drop off clothing items. There are also red cross clothing pickup options available to retrieve your used clothing donations.

Before you ever throw out any clothing items, remember that the simple act of donation can be a far better choice. It does not cost you anything, it keeps useful things out of landfills, and it can help the needy. It only takes a little thought and consideration to remember to drop off your old things for red cross donations. It will feel much better being able to do something for people who need it.

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