Hiring a Flower Delivery Service

Flowers are popular around the world as decorative plants, and they are often used as symbols for nobility, kingdoms, and much more, and flowers also have everyday meanings and representations in cultures around the world. These plants may sometimes be fantastically expensive due to their rarity or a recent trend that calls for them, and today, flowers of many species are grown as decoration and gifts for others, and florists around the world have these plants ready in different bundles and bouquets for customers. Flowers are commonly gifts for girls and women, and birthdays, date or marriage anniversaries, and most of all Valentine’s Day and weddings are staple times for buying professionally grown and organized flowers. Customers today can hire a flower delivery service for an event that calls for flowers, such as when a married couple go out for an anniversary dinner and flowers are brought, and for a wedding, a flower delivery service will certainly be called upon, and hiring a florist is one of many jobs to complete for a wedding ceremony and reception. Just how popular are flowers, and when? How can a person hire a flower delivery service?

On Flowers

These fragrant, colorful plants come in many species and are vastly popular around the world. Currently, the most popular time of the year for flower purchases is the Christmas/Hanukkah season, when 30% of adults purchase flowers and similar plants as gifts for the holiday season, and a flower delivery service may be called upon for a larger bundle of flowers for an event. Mother’s Day is another major time for flower purchases, when 35% of adults purchased flowers for the Mother’s Day of 2015, and one in four holiday floral purchases for the year are made during this day. By contrast, the American Society of Florists maintains that it is Valentine’s Day that is the most popular and busy time for florists. According to them, this holiday represents one third of all fresh flower purchases, and many men on this holiday will purchase bundles of flowers, often roses, for a loved one. But some recent trends suggest that the traditional model of men buying women flowers has a counterpart: sometimes, women will buy them for the men they care about, and the American Society of Florists says that 36% of all surveyed women have bought Valentine’s flowers for their spouses. Overall, flowers make up a strong market, with annual spending on floral products reaching $26 billion in the United States. In fact, while 37% of flowers are bought as gifts, nearly 63% are bought for oneself, showing that flowers are popular no matter what.

Find the Right Flower Delivery Service

For Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day, a wedding, or an anniversary, not any old bundle of flowers will do; flower bouquets can be customized and made personal for the recipient, and this can alter what kinds of flowers are bought, as well as how many. Different flowers have different meanings and aesthetic appeal, and the flowers used for one holiday may not make as much sense for another. Red roses are a staple of Valentine’s Day, since these flowers represent romantic love, and are thus popular but some people may see them as a worn-out novelty. Other flowers represent similar sentiments of love, togetherness, belonging, and desire, and a person looking to make a more unique bouquet for a lover may look up different flower meanings and create a bouquet whose flowers send a personal message. This can also be done when hand-written love notes are put into bouquets, a fairly common practice. Notes and cards can also be used for Mother’s Day, and also anniversary flower gifts.

For a wedding, a lot of flowers will be used for the bride’s bouquet, not to mention the bouquets that the bridesmaids will be holding during the ceremony and any decorative flowers that will be at the reception’s dining tables. The groomsmen and best man might also have a single flower on their suits somewhere, and all these flowers can be brought to a wedding safely when a flower delivery service is hired. A person can find the best deal and check customer reviews to make sure that the best and most reliable florist is hired.

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