Hot Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Hot Water Heater Maintenance Tips

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Hot water heater maintenance is crucial to prevent costly repairs and maintain energy efficiency in your home. This video explains a few maintenance tips that will help you avoid problems that require hot water heater repair.

The water heater is made up of multiple components. The heating components are fed electricity to warm up the water. A thermostat sits against the wall of the tank to get an accurate temperature reading.

The thermostat will send voltage to the water heater to heat the water when the temperature is lower than its setting (usually 125 degrees). All of these electrical components are great, but they can have problems that stop the water from heating properly.

If you don’t have hot water, there may be no power feeding into the water heater. There is also an emergency cutoff that will shut off the water heater if the water gets too hot. Check the cutoff if the power to the heater is fine.

One of the heating elements may also be damaged. If you have lukewarm water or your hot water cuts off quicker than usual, this may be the case. You need to call a plumber to replace the heating element for you.

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