The Best Ant InfesationTreatment

The Best Ant InfesationTreatment

In this video, Keith McCoy from Solutions Pest and Lawn discusses a four-step process for ant treatment to get rid of them. No matter what type of ant infestation you have, this ant treatment will allow you to gain complete control over it. In addition, this ant treatment process will eliminate ants inside or outside.

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The first step is to identify the ants you have and understand where they are located in your or around your house. The second step is inspection, which often pairs well with identification. To identify the ant, you take a close look at the body and determine its many segments. You should also determine the color of the ant and antenna shape. Finally, you want to understand where you are seeing them and their behavior pattern. This helps you find the nest.

The third step is to control the ants. To do this, you use a combination of products by FNLP. For example, you can use a push spreader or a hand spreader to apply it to your yard. The last step in the process is prevention. This includes keeping your home clean but vacuuming, flooring, sweeping, and cleaning baseboards. Finally, keep all perishable food in airtight containers.

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