How to Choose a Roof for Your Business

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How on earth do you choose the best kind of roof for your needs? It probably seems like the options are endless, but there are some things to consider that will help you make the decision. Commercial roofers can provide you with a wide variety of options, and here are some of the factors they consider when making a recommendation to businesses like yours:

When to Use Shingle Roofs

These are the most classic roofing styles. If you are going for a classical look on your business, school, or government building, shingle might just be the way to go. You can get shingle roofs in a lot of different styles and colors as well, and commercial roofers can let you know what options are available for you. Shingle roofing also works well if the slope of your building is steep, and it’s one of the easiest of all roofing types to install.

Single-Ply Roofing

Also known as single-ply thermoplastic, this is generally what you want if you have a flat roof and also need to save money. It doesn?t cost much to install and is good at reflecting heat and saving you money in cooling costs. A roofing company can give you more information on what options are available with single-ply; but if you have a high-traffic flat roof, see the built-up roof description below.

Metal Roofing

Commercial roofers recommend this more and more. If you get steel roofing, for example, if can last as much as 100 years if it has an aluminum-zinc alloy coating. Metal roofing is also protective and is rated for winds up to 140 miles per hour. It comes in a wide variety of colors that you can use to make your building stand out, and it can handle strange curves and slopes with unique architectural styles.

Built-up Roof

If you know you?ll be walking around on your roofing quite a bit, ask commercial roofing companies about the benefits of this type of roof. It is great for all weather conditions, is extra protective, and is very durable, especially if you have a high-traffic roof.

There are a lot of different types of roofing available, and your best bet for commercial roofs is probably to contact your local roofing company and see what options are available. Not only will they be able to knowledgeably inform you of the pros and cons of different roofs, but they?ll also know what other businesses in your area use and what the weather and climate conditions in your area recommend. The roof of your business is a serious business: make sure you?ve gotten the right one.

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