How to Get your Utility Room in Order Before School Starts

The start of the school year is just around the corner, and with that comes weekly laundry days, uniforms that need to be washed, and dirty shoes and coats being left in the entryway of the laundry room. Before the first day of school, why not take a weekend to get your laundry room ready for the year? A few organizational tools and tricks are all that you need to make cleaning easy all year long.

Find a Utility Room Organizer

Choose a rack that will allow you to hang up your brooms, cleaning products, vacuum bags, and other supplies. Some utility room organizers allow you to hang cleaning products on the wall, but if you have cabinets, you can use stacking cubes to organize your laundry room.

Keep Detergents in Smaller Containers

Bulk containers of detergent and bleach can take up a lot of room in your utility room. You can decant your cleaning products into a smaller container and refill as needed. Keep the rest of your bulk products in a basement, garage, or back closet in the meantime.

Have Laundry Baskets Handy

It is a truth universally acknowledged that clothes in the dryer will stay there until someone else needs the dryer. Rather than allowing your clothes to become wrinkled, keeping several laundry baskets handy makes it easier to stop clean clothes from piling up.

Drying Bar

Rather than leaving delicate clothes to dry by draping them over a chair, installing a bar (like a clothing rack or shower curtain rod) allows you to hand clothes up neatly to dry. If folding clothes has never been your forte, you can also put your newly dried clothes on hangers from the rack.

Use Spare Space for Craft Supplies

Use craft cubes or closet organizers to store extra crafting materials, particularly if you’re frequently repairing clothes or felting wool swatches and need to use the washing machine. Simply built storage cubes or utility room organizers are great for keeping track of yarn, needles, and hooks or for hiding a sewing machine.

Looking for organizers online allows you to shop for the perfect design, and some companies are able to offer free shipping. Just finding designs that fit your home decor can make organizing easy and fun all year long.

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