How to Help a Family Member Use a Bail Bond Service

How to Help a Family Member Use a Bail Bond Service

The video discusses how to help a family member use a bail bond service. The first thing you have to do is gather the appropriate information. You will need to know what charges your family member is up against and how much the judge set the bail for.

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The bail bond company can help you by offering the total bail amount necessary to have the jail release your loved one.

Normally, applicants need to pay a 10 percent premium to hire a bail bond company to help. That means you may have to pay $250 before a bail bond company would help you with someone who is in jail with a bond amount of $2,500. The bail amount depends on the nature of the crime and the defendant’s history. It will be higher for a more serious accusation such as murder, robbery, and assault. It will also be much higher if the defendant has a long criminal record or has had a problem showing up for a court case in the past.

Research numerous bail bond companies and compare at least three before you take the plunge and hire one. Find the provider who offers the best deal for you and your loved one.

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