Ibogaine Treatment for DepressionA Miracle Treatment?


Depression is referred to as an illness. It is an illness many people suffer from in silence. Many individuals will not divulge their struggle with depression, largely because of the judgmental predisposition that too many others possess. There are on the market, as well as off the market, an unlimited number of remedies for depression; however, many bring with them possible side affects that are sometimes worse than the illness itself. Often times people just do not know what direction to follow in order to try and alleviate this painful affliction.

In the 1960’s a plant was discovered in West Africa that was found to hold one of the most successful answers to depression, as well as other adversities, that has ever been seen. It is called Ibogaine, and it comes from the Iboga plant found in West Africa, as it has been used for hundreds, even thousands of years, by certain tribes in their healing practices and other rituals. Once discovered by other cultures, Ibogaine has been tested and found to have amazing healing qualities. In addition, it has been found that, when given as a treatment for drug or alcohol addition, it not only heals, but eliminates 98% of the withdrawal symptoms that most people experience with other types of detox. Ibogaine addiction treatment is usually done at an Ibogaine treatment center and is a very intensive treatment that runs over several days’ time.

Ibogaine for depression as well as for alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, and an unlimited number of other additions has proven to be tremendously successful. When used as a treatment for depression, Ibogaine has been reported to cause a mentally uplifting feeling, while enabling the individual to relive in his or her mind events from their past that may have led to their state of depression. In the case of drug or alcohol addiction, the addict will begin to see past events clearly that may have caused them to turn to drugs or alcohol in the first place. It is estimated that 6.8 million people who suffer some type of addiction suffer from mental illness as well.

After taking Ibogaine for depression the patient will emotionally begin to heal. Amazingly, circumstances in life may not have changed for them, but their perception has completely moved to a new level, enabling them to handle situations with a very different, peaceful outlook. Whatever it was that may have led to the depression they had experienced has been dealt with in their own mind and that door has now closed.

Patients who have taken Ibogaine for depression say they have been able to move on with life as a new person. In addition to its success with depression, Ibogaine, as mentioned earlier, is also successful in relieving withdrawal symptoms from opiate addiction, in addition to removing 98% of patient’s cravings that come with post-acute withdrawal syndrome associated with detox.

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