12 Tips for Renting Tents for Events

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Are you planning an outdoor wedding or other event? You may want to look at your options for party tent rentals. Here are some tips to make the process easier.

  1. Talk to party tent rentals services firms that have an established reputation. This Is going to be one of the most substantial for the success expenses of your event. You want to go with a company that has been around for enough time to be able to develop a good reputation and possibly a loyal following. You have a lot of options for party tent rentals so you should have no problem when it comes to this decision.
  2. Talk to your friends and family.. If you know anyone who has thrown a party outdoors, ask them who they used, how they found them and what they thought of the experience. Getting a personal reference for party tent rentals can put your mind at ease and give you more trust in the process.
  3. Set your budget. Decide how much you want to spend. This is often a limiting factor for what your trent party tent rentals. That way when you talk to the various event tent rental companies, you can stick to your plan. You want to throw a dream wedding but should not have to take out a second mortgage to do it. In 2013, the typical cost associated with throwing a wedding was just north of $13,000.
  4. Consult with several professionals. The people who works in party tent rentals are experts in this. Most people who do not work in wedding and tent rentals underestimate what their size needs will and get tents that are too small for their events.
  5. Ask about the delivery and set up costs. Many of the companies that handle party tent rentals charge a fee to drop off, set up and take down the tent. If the company you go with does charge a fee and you do not know that in advance, you are going to have a less successful event.
  6. Get quotes in writing. You should get several quotes for party tent rentals. These will be easier to compare and harder for the company to change their fee structure later when you approach it this way. Get a detailed list of all the things they are doing with the price for all of it laid out. That way you will limit your chances of having them add extra fees.
  7. Work out a schedule for them to bring the tent. Most of the companies that handle party tent rentals will want to install them a few days in advance of your event. Pick a few days and suggest them to the party tent rentals company. That way you and they can work out the best time for both you. This is a hectic and busy business so you will want to make sure you have a plan in place for this.
  8. Consider what flooring you will want. This can be an important part of the tent’s construction. It will protect your guests and your lawn. The type may be determined by the site of your event. Beach weddings need different flooring than lawn weddings, for example.
  9. Look at dance floor rentals. People love to dance at lots of events from weddings to Sweet Sixteen parties. This will prevent people from tripping on uneven grounds.
  10. Look into your lawn and determine if you need carpentry to be done. Some surfaces that are rough may need some work done before the tent can be installed. The people who handle party dance rentals can give you more guidance in this area.
  11. Look at your foliage. Do you have a lot of large trees in the area? These can impact the kind of tent you get. If you do have too much, if you have too much you might have a problem getting the tent installed.
  12. Think about the temperature inside the tent. You may want to have heaters, fans or even air conditioning. Think about what your guests will be wearing depending in the time of year for your event. Your guests will appreciate enjoying your event comfortably.

The right tent can have a big impact on any large event so picking the right company is crucial.

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