Landscaping Projects You can Complete in One Weekend

Backyard water features

Ever looked at your yard and started to wonder what you could do in order to improve your landscaping, but don’t want to spend weeks on end for one project. Landscaping holds many benefits including increasing your home’s value by up to 14%. If you’re looking for a quick and easy project that can be completed over the weekend and make your yard and landscape more inviting check out these weekend landscaping projects below.

Install Edging

When deciding on a quick weekend landscaping project you want something quick that will still make a statement. Installing edging to separate a walkway from a garden is an excellent landscaping idea. Landscape ideas are endless for this type of project, and landscape walkways are a quick and easy way to add curb appeal to your house.


Flowers can add color to any house or any yard. Planting flowerbeds or even getting large pots to place flowers in can quickly and easily brighten up your yard. Choose flowers that work well with your temperatures where you live, and if you don’t have a lot of time to invest, choose flowers that require little maintenance, and avoid buying plants that have already bloomed. These plants have been in their pots for too long.

Fire Pit for Fireplace

Deciding to put an outdoor fire pit or fireplace in your backyard is a project that will take up a good part of your weekend, but the end result will be fabulous. When you decide to install customer fireplaces or fire pits, there are a few steps that should be followed. First off you should choose the perfect location and level out the ground completely. Build the foundation pad for your project then start constructing layers for your fire pit or fireplace. Choose caps to finish your project with for a finished polished look.

Outdoor Pond

Choosing to install an outdoor pond in your backyard, for a weekend landscaping project, can increase your home value and make your backyard more relaxing when you and your family are enjoying it. Mark your layout and excavate the area so you can prepare a foundation pad. Stack blocks using a string to position them right, and add a pond liner. Use cement glue to adhere the liner and ensure the blocks do not come apart. Decorate your pond with decorative rocks and other accessories.

Light Post

Have a light by your front yard with a boring stick post? Wanting to make it look more decorative. Choose to make a brick light post for your weekend landscaping project. Simply prepare a foundation pad around the post. Install wall rock and begin building the case with brick. Build the second layer and keep building until the desired height is reached. Cap the post and secure it then add the top light fixture to see your work all lit up.

Other things you can do to preserve your current landscape is adding mulch to flowerbeds and placing it around trees. This holds in moisture and eliminates the need to water as often. During the summer time stay off the grass as much as you can. Walking on the grass will cause the brittle blades to break. Taking care of current landscape will help it last and allow it to compliment any new weekend landscaping projects you endure.

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