More Than Flower Power How Flower Shops Make Gift Giving a Piece of Cake

Birthday flowers

Whether it’s a spouse, a child, a family member, a close friend, or a colleague, everyone has someone special in their life. And in addition to spending quality time together, one of the best ways to show how much you care is to share in the joy of gift giving. After all, it’s often been said that it’s better to give than to receive, and nothing beats the feeling of giving just the right gift at just the right time!

If you’re looking for something special for that special someone in your life, whoever it may be, then consider shopping at local flower shops. In addition to an array of beautiful fresh flowers, many local flower shops also carry a variety of gifts and tokens of appreciation that often rival that of small, trendy boutiques.

Next time you need to do a little gift shopping, why not pay a visit to your local flower shops? Here are a few ways that flower shops can make gift giving a piece of cake:

Something old

Whether they’re anniversary flowers or birthday flowers, giving flowers is a time honored way to show appreciation, affection, support, and much more. Flower bouquets are the perfect gift for a number of occasions, and their presence can brighten any room or smile! Local flower shops carry classic bouquets, such as roses sold by the dozen, as well as custom bouquet orders. In addition, many local flower shops offer convenient flower delivery services.

Something new

Did you know that many local florists also carry fruit basket arrangements and other small gifts? With their variety of gifts and services, flower shops make it incredibly easy to find the right gift for any occasion. You can work with your local florist to create a custom fruit basket or arrangement, which some people may prefer to flowers. Or in some cases, you can give both flowers and a fruit arrangement. Most local florists also carry items such as stuffed animals, greeting cards, and gourmet candies.

Something special

If you’re looking for unique artisan gifts, consider stopping by your local flower shop! Like so many other small businesses and boutiques, flower shops often carry handmade goods from local artisans such as soaps, lotions, candles, art work, and more. High quality, handcrafted goods always make for great gifts, especially for those we appreciate the benefits of shopping local. Artisan gifts also the perfect accompaniment to flower bouquets.

Your local florists can help you take the guess work out of gift giving, allowing you to find the perfect gifts for all of life’s celebrations and special events. And unlike larger chain florists, local florists are typically more flexible in creating custom arrangements that add more of a personal touch. The next you need to buy a gift, pay your local flower shop a visit!

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