The Home Building Process From Floor Plans to Lanais

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First-time and repeat home buyers tend to have specific income levels. A recent survey showed that eight percent of recent home buyers had household incomes of $200,000.00 or more. On average, ten percent of these buyers purchased homes for $500,000.00 or more. Given the number of homes that have been recently built, it’s interesting to learn a bit more about single-family home constructions.

In 2015, for example, 648,000 single-family homes were completed. Here are just a few details about the number of homes that contained these features:

  • Two or fewer bedrooms: 66,000
  • Four or more bedrooms: 282,000
  • Patio and a porch: 183,000
  • Patio and a deck: 14,000

When it comes to the type of homes being bought, many buyers like to have a choice of floor plans and other personalized features. Almost seven our of ten homeowners, for instance, indicated that they were willing to pay more money to have central air conditioning. Approximately 69% of prospective buyers would also spend more to have new kitchen appliances, and 49% would pay more if a house had an ensuite master bathroom.

When you would like to have a say in your new home’s design, it’s a good idea to work closely with a plan specific homebuilder. During the home building process, you will usually be able to request certain features and creative touches. Production home builders, for example, will have several floor plans from which to choose. While hallways tend to be about two-and-a-half to slightly over three-feet wide, home buyers can request wider hallways. In some instances, they may be able to request hallways that are up to five-feet wide.

In addition to choosing floor plans and hallways widths, you can also work with your home builder to personalize other aspects of your new home, such as the type of flooring. Once the home building process is underway, you can provide input into a variety of finishing touches, such as paint colors, appliances, kitchen countertops, and cabinetry.

When it comes to your new home’s exterior living spaces, you may prefer having a lanai. These can provide a comfortable outdoor living space during the warmer weather. Have you given thought to the type of landscaping you would like to have? Whether you prefer to create a garden space on your lanai or in the area surrounding your home, there are many choices here as well.

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