Public School vs. Private School Which is Better?

Public School vs. Private School  Which is Better?

Private primary schools and private middle schools enrollments are on the increase. Do private middle schools offer a better education? What are some of the reasons that private middle schools and other private schools are seeing this surge in enrollment on a global level?

This video from The Economist breaks down the reasons why private schools are seeing this uptick in enrollment around the world. This video is highly informative and will make you view private school enrollment from a very different perspective.

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Most people think of private institutions as something strictly for the affluent, but in many countries, private education is the only option and it is financed by the entire family, not just the parents. This interesting video shares information that most people do not know about private education around the world.

Watch this video to better understand what fuels private school enrollment and why it is not only the best choice in some countries but the only real option. It will change your mindset about this type of education.


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