Taking A Closer Look Into A Few Of The Most Important Considerations To Make When Giving Your Child A Private Education

Taking A Closer Look Into A Few Of The Most Important Considerations To Make When Giving Your Child A Private Education

From private preschool to the best private elementary schools to the best private high schools, the popularity and utilization of private schools is very much on the rise. As a matter of fact, up to one full quarter of all schools in this country are now private schools. And more than five and a half million children attend them, from the private preschool all the way on up until college. In the years that are ahead of us, this number is only likely to continue to grow.

After all, there are so many reasons to send your child to a private preschool, a private elementary school, a private middle school, and a private high school. For one thing, they are likely to get better individualized attention simply due to the fact that class sizes in such schools are really quite a bit smaller. In fact, the average private school, be it a private preschool or a private high school, only has just under 150 students. And the vast majority of all private school institutions will not ever exceed a total number of 300 students at the very, very most.

Overall engagement also seems to be higher at private schools in direct comparison to public school institutions. After all, less than 5% of all private school teachers complain about a lack of student engagement and overall effort. On the other hand, as many as one fifth of all public school teachers site student engagement levels as being quite problematic indeed.

A similar portion of public school teachers say that the parents of their students are not nearly as engaged enough as well. Unfortunately, a lack of parent engagement can be directly tied back to student problems, and this is something that is certainly seen far too frequently in far too many public schools, especially as the students grow older and become more and more set in their ways. But such is very much not the case in private schools and again less than 5% of all teachers who work in such environments say that there is any issue whatsoever with the overall involvement of the parents in question.

And the advantages of attending private schools, from private preschool to private high school, extend all the way through adulthood. In fact, going to a private school can be directly beneficial to high school students who are interested in college – as the vast majority of high school students really should be. Unfortunately, the average public school guidance counselor is typically only able to devote just over one fifth of their time to matters regarding college readiness and acceptance. In public schools, the guidance counselors often just have far too many students and this can make it difficult to meet all of their needs.

Private school students tend to be much more ready for the college application process – and truly for college itself, for that matter – by the time that it comes to do such things and become invested and to make the decisions that need to be made. After all, the average guidance counselor in any given private high school will be able to spend as much as a full 55% of their time just on counseling for college readiness. At the end of the day, the impact of such time and effort given to each individual student is certainly going to really pay off in the long run.

While not all public schools are created the same and a good many public school institutions are still able to provide your children with a decent education, many parents are far more comfortable enrolling their young child in a private preschool and having them in the private school system from a very young age. After all, from the private preschool to the private high school, the overall good quality of any given private school is likely to be much more assured and guaranteed than any public school can offer to any given parents or any given child or set of children, for that matter.

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