The Basics of Dog Training

The Basics of Dog Training

Many dog owners, particularly puppy owners, can benefit from meeting with dog obedience trainers. But you may wonder what actually goes on during these lessons.

Dog trainers are experienced in all breeds of dogs and the best methods for training them in good behavior. Their expertise means that they can accomplish more effective training tactics in less time. If you feel like you’ve exhausted all your options or have been unsuccessful in training your dog, a professional will be able to fill in the gaps for you.

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One very important practice of dog trainers is verbal praise or confirmation. When a dog performs a specific action that the trainer approves of, the trainer rewards the pup with a treat. These treats are usually things like kibble, a tug, or something else that the dog would find enjoyable. But the reward itself will not accomplish the training plan. This is where verbal recognition comes in.

After the dog has performed the necessary action, the trainer will administer the reward and also say “YES” loudly and enthusiastically. This signals to the dog what exactly he did to earn that reward. Being specific like this teaches the dog that certain actions will earn him treats, and thus he will be more motivated to do them.


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