Fastest Way to Paint a Wall

Fastest Way to Paint a Wall

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Planning on doing a DIY painting job? Take some tips from a professional painter to get your job done as quickly as possible.

To start, you’ll want to get a two-handed paint roller with a 1/2 inch nap. This will give you maximum reach and increase the length of the wall you can cover in less time.

Prime the wall, and carefully use a brush to paint the perimeter of the wall along the ceiling and floor. Then you can grab your extended painter and get to work

Paint in a downward v-shape. Upward strokes can lead to paint splattering on the ceiling. Unless you’re planning on painting the ceiling too, avoid upward strokes as much as you can.

The v-shape helps spread out the overloaded paint roller initially. Once you have a more even coating on the roller, you can move in a more up-and-down motion to pick up the excess paint. Again, be wary of going too fast and splattering paint.

This also minimizes the number of times you need to dip the roller back into the dipping pan. It’ll save you time and a mess by starting with a v-shaped pattern.

Try to let the roller do the work, and rely on your shoulders instead of the wrists. This will prevent tendonitis and pain and let your stronger shoulder muscles do the work. Flicking the wrist also causes paint to splatter.

With these tips, you’re well on your way to completing your expert painting job. Good luck!



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