The Basics of Elderly Care (And Caregiver Advice)

The Basics of Elderly Care (And Caregiver Advice)

Caring for an elderly relative or friend is an eventual reality for most people. When it comes to elderly care, there are four principle areas that caregivers have to consider, and what needs to be addressed in each one.

1) Medical Needs
The elderly often require prescribed medications, and they also must receive the correct type and dosage of medicine. Any changes in medication will require a consultation with a doctor.

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2) Safety Needs
The living quarters of the elderly need to be free from obvious risks, including loose carpets and objects cluttering the floor.

3) Human Needs
If they are willing and able to do so, the elderly should be allowed to take care of their own personal and hygienic needs. This can create a sense of independence.

4) The Needs of the Caregivers
Those providing care are also human and have their own needs. Their physical and emotional conditions need to be recognized and helped if necessary. They should also consider seeking professional caregiving services if needed.

Elderly care can be both challenging and rewarding, but following some basic rules can make it much easier for everyone involved.


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