Different Options for At-Home Care

Different Options for At-Home Care

The video discusses homecare solutions and how one company works with healthcare insurance providers to offer a single-source solution to all things regarding their products and services. There’s a call center that takes care of order finalization and calls. This center ensures that all orders get to the clients in a timely fashion and that those clients are completely happy with the product. The call center also works with patients to answer any questions they might have about their medication.

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The center is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Therefore, customers can have their questions answered at any time.

The facility consistently meets its service metrics even though it has to handle as many as 27,000 calls a month. The company also has a fulfillment center that works with Medicare and Medicaid to provide clients with respiratory therapy products. The company also provides in-house equipment repair, maintenance, and restoration services. Another service they provide is at-home service for patients.

There’s also a billing and human resources department located inside this one building. The idea is to have everything within reach for the providers and the patients. The company is triple-accredited and operates with two state licenses.

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