The Link Between Clean Office Environments And Reduced Sick Days

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The best business is a clean business. Why is this? Let’s look at this issue from top to bottom. Businesses, at the end of the day, want to make sure they achieve their monthly goals and in fine fashion. Constant absenteeism, sick days and disinterested clientele get in the way of this. Workers, as well, want to feel welcome, comfortable and properly accommodated in their work space. A dirty and unkempt business environment can negatively impact their mental and emotional health. Even physical. Sound like a lot of information? An experienced maid service can tidy this all up.

What Are Common Hazards Brought On By Unclean Environments?

Unclean environments are not just unappealing to the naked eye. They’re hazardous. On average there are well over 150 toxic substances linked to cancer floating around indoor environments from poor cleaning products alone. Ongoing dust exposure can affect workers’ cognitive skills by as much as 5% and the average desk, computer mouse or phone can hold more germs than even a toilet seat or a dog’s bowl. This can negatively impact the average worker and keep them from performing their best.

What Are The Side-Effects Workers Experience?

Without a clean environment to promote good health workers can face the brunt of constant sick days and absenteeism. Employees who regularly work in a clean environment have been found to have an 80% reduced probability of catching the common cold and influenza, both of which are very easy to contract and can contribute to hundreds of extra sick days every year for small and large businesses. On the other hand, a clean environment can reduce sick days, discourage allergies and help workers focus much better.

How Can This Help Businesses Save Money?

Sick days cost businesses money. They cause them to scramble for additional labor, force them to cut back on necessary stock and can see them struggling to maintain even employee turnover if it goes on for too long. Turning to a spring cleaning service can see offices reducing absenteeism by nearly 50%, with the additional benefit of cultivating happier and more comfortable workers. If you’re worried about harmful chemicals causing rashes or negative reactions, never fear. Green products are starting to lead the industry.

Does A Dependable Maid Service Use Clean Products?

Since many cleaning chemical products have been found to be linked to harmful allergies and even cancer, the average spring cleaning service goes out of its way to prevent these issues with eco-friendly products. Sales of green products have skyrocketed over the past few years by 35%. When one out of every three chemical cleaning products has ingredients that promote tumors, even minor changes can have positive long-term benefits. Cleaning your office shouldn’t be a chore. It should be a constant reality.

How Often Should I Clean My Offices?

Much like apartment cleaning, a spring cleaning service should be turned to on a regular basis. People, on average, will change their bed sheets once every two weeks. An additional survey saw 85% of homeowners, particularly women, feeling that a clean home is a proper reflection of the self. Your business only stands to improve its productivity and safety both by harnessing the value of a spring cleaning service. Cleaner floors reduce slips and falls, less dust and bacteria discourages common illness and a harmonious environment keeps workers feeling secure. Contact a custom cleaning service and put your business on the path to a cleaner, happier future.

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